Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting

Litigation support engagements can consist of financial calculations in matrimonial engagements to providing consultation and support services in economic damages and lost profit engagements.

At Morris Accounting and Consulting, LLC we provide attorneys and clients a dependable resource in economic and financial litigation related matters. Our forensic accounting skills allow us to interpret complex transactions and deliver easy to understand conclusions.

Financial analysis for use in Matrimonial related matters

Divorce proceedings can trigger the need for valuations of business interests as part of the matrimonial estate. These disputes are often resolved based on the equitable distribution of marital assets. At Morris Accounting & Consulting, LLC, our experience in the valuation of controlling and non-controlling business interests can assist in determining the value of these assets.

Separate property may become commingled in various accounts or combined with community property. Our office can assist in tracing these assets and provide an analysis of separate and community property. Additionally, we have developed cash flow and lifestyle analyses for use in determining income available for spousal support and have provided expert testimony in support of our conclusions.

Determination of Lost Income

Whether measuring lost profits due to a business interruption or determining an economic loss in a personal injury engagement, Morris Accounting & Consulting, LLC can help. Through detailed analysis of the available financial records and the application of accepted approaches to measuring losses, we will convey our opinion in straightforward and understandable terms.

Shareholder disputes

Minority oppression and dissenting shareholder actions can trigger the need for a valuation of the business interest affected. An understanding of the specifics involved with a particular assignment will control how that valuation is performed. Consideration must be given not only to the standard of value, but also the application of any discounts or premiums. At Morris Accounting & Consulting, LLC, we can provide guidance throughout the engagement, and develop an opinion that is appropriate to the action.